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hardware clock is mangled on reboot

Seth Gordon <sgordon at> writes -
>I used the following commands:
>hwclock --set --date="11/8/1999 23:34:20" --utc
>hwclock --hctosys --utc
>and rebooted, and immediately hit the DEL key to get into the BIOS's
>setup pages.  Sure enough, the time in the BIOS was the proper UTC
>Then I exited the BIOS, booted Linux, and it told me that the time
>was 2:10 EST on November 9 -- when the actual time was 11:40 pm.  So
>I think the problem was introduced in the Linux boot sequence, not in
>the BIOS.
>Note that I've had this computer running RH5.2 since July, and didn't
>notice any time problem back then; I installed RH6.0 shortly before
>the clocks changed, and only noticed the problem after DST was over.

Maybe your file /etc/adjtime is goofed up.  That's the file that tells
hwclock (or clock) the drift rate of your clock, and when it was last
adjusted.  If it says your clock drifts by an hour a day, and/or that
it's been a decade since it was adjusted, it could make a big

Otherwise, I suggest you add statements to print out the current time
in several places in rc.local, to try to pin down when in the boot
process things go wrong.

		  - Jim Van Zandt

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