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Can't get videos to play

On Jul 10, 2007, at 23:35, David Kramer wrote:

> Jarod Wilson wrote:
>> On Jul 10, 2007, at 00:57, David Kramer wrote:
>> In the xine case, I believe you're missing xine-lib-extras- 
>> nonfree, at least if you're using the Fedora Extras xine, which  
>> doesn't include a number of codecs -- they come from livna instead.
>> nonfree-1.1.6-1.lvn6.i386.rpm
> I have been avoiding Livna like the plague, because (by your own  
> advice) it is incompatible with atrpms.  That package has 11 (11!)  
> dependencies from Livna, so I can't just download and install that  
> one package.
> Would it be safe to enable Livna, install that package and its  
> dependencies, then lock Livna up in its cage again?

Hrm, not entirely sure... There's a chance that may pull in some  
stuff that breaks an atrpms package -- I think the primary issue of  
late was some ffmpeg bits between the two that broke each others  
stuff that depended on ffmpeg. If nothing in the dep list is ffmpeg,  
you may well be okay. Hrm. That, or install the freshrpms non-free  
xine codecs. Or did you already have that installed? (xine-lib-moles,  
I believe -- moles being "MPEG and Other Legally Encumbered Stuff")

> This sucks.

Indeed. On a positive note, I can say that the livna xine bits work  
great for everything I've thrown at my F7 myth frontend box...

> This is the biggest reason I really hoped to get F7 working on my  
> laptop; they were at least talking about One Repository To Rule  
> Them All.  It just makes sense.  Maybe a second one for non-free  
> stuff to keep it separate.

Well, we do have one big repo for everything free now in F7, and  
there was a bunch of discussion amongst the major 3rd-party repos  
(livna, atrpms, freshrpms, dribble, and others) about merging into a  
single 3rd-party repo for all the non-free bits, but alas, talks have  
completely stalled out for the time being... :(

Jarod Wilson
jarod-ajLrJawYSntWk0Htik3J/w at

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