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Can't get videos to play

Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Hrm, not entirely sure... There's a chance that may pull in some stuff 
> that breaks an atrpms package -- I think the primary issue of late was 
> some ffmpeg bits between the two that broke each others stuff that 
> depended on ffmpeg. If nothing in the dep list is ffmpeg, you may well 
> be okay. Hrm. That, or install the freshrpms non-free xine codecs. Or 
> did you already have that installed? (xine-lib-moles, I believe -- moles 
> being "MPEG and Other Legally Encumbered Stuff")

Installing xine-lib-moles seems to have done the trick.  Thanks.

>> This sucks.
> Indeed. On a positive note, I can say that the livna xine bits work 
> great for everything I've thrown at my F7 myth frontend box...

Well, if I hear that they've straighteded out the power 
management/hibernate issued for F7, I would live to load that at work, 
on my laptop, and on my server.  Not holding breath.

>> This is the biggest reason I really hoped to get F7 working on my 
>> laptop; they were at least talking about One Repository To Rule Them 
>> All.  It just makes sense.  Maybe a second one for non-free stuff to 
>> keep it separate.
> Well, we do have one big repo for everything free now in F7, and there 
> was a bunch of discussion amongst the major 3rd-party repos (livna, 
> atrpms, freshrpms, dribble, and others) about merging into a single 
> 3rd-party repo for all the non-free bits, but alas, talks have 
> completely stalled out for the time being... :(

Well, what I heard (before F7 actually came out) that there wansn't 
going to BE a F7 tree on livna, atrpms, freshrpms, etc, or at least they 
would be exceedingly small, with almost everything moved to a central 
repository.  Then they can do sane dependency and conflict resolution.

I guess I heard wrong then.  I know "core" and "extras" are combined, 
but that was hardly ever a problem.

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