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[Discuss] AeroFS

Richard Pieri wrote:
> So I'm giving AeroFS a spin.

Uses client-side encryption. Good.

Uses closed-source, proprietary software. Nullifies the first point.

> None of my data is ever stored on their servers...

If the encryption is done properly, and can be verified, it doesn't
matter where your bits are stored.

A cloud storage service should have these characteristics:

1. use strong client-side encryption.

2. use fully open source client code. If developed by a commercial
entity, then there should be an independently developed open source
client available.

and it would be nice if it had these characteristics:

3. despite using client-side encryption, it should still be able to
efficiently send incremental changes, minimizing bandwidth. (Most that
adhere to #1 fail this one.)

4. the back-end can be peer-to-peer or centralized, but if centralized,
it should use an open protocol that other storage providers can support.
Or generally, offer minimal service lock-in. Low switching costs.


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