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[Discuss] AeroFS

Richard Pieri wrote:
> Tom Metro wrote:
>> Uses closed-source, proprietary software. Nullifies the first point.
> Here's their Github repo:

Excellent. They certainly didn't make that easy to find on their site.
(Though admittedly I didn't spent much time looking.)

If you are going to bother to pay the (perceived) "price" of making your
code open, you should really be promoting this in your marketing,
otherwise you aren't getting the benefit from it.

Also note that one of my requirements was not just that there be an open
source implementation, but if the implementation isn't community
developed, that there be an independent community developed version. If
you are really paranoid, you use only the community version. If you are
moderately paranoid, knowing that an outside party was able to develop a
compatible client brings you at least a few steps closer to having
confidence in the commercial implementation. For example, in the process
of implementing the community version, developers would discover that
the output used weak encryption or shared keys with the provider.

> It's a peer to peer sync tool.
> I would prefer the open source solution. Problem is, the open source
> solutions don't actually work.

If you are syncing files among machines that are all within your
firewall, you may not even care about file encryption. Wire encryption
may be adequate, and even that may not be needed.

Have you looked at these open source sync products?

Also, on the proprietary side, there is a fairly new sync tool from
BitTorrent, .


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