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[Discuss] I, uh, deleted the wrong kernel....

On Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 12:59:34PM -0400, David Kramer wrote:
> Yes.  But not for gaming. Certainly not for games you have to drop $250
> on a new video card for (Overwatch, if you're curious).

On my main desktop at home, I go the other way:  Run Linux in a VB on
a Windows 10 host.  It works fine.  I do have a dedicated Linux laptop
for when I really want that, but I basically never need it.  I really
only use it when I plan to be mobile, and plan to be primarily doing
something like coding... but even then I really don't NEED it...  The
VB solution works fine.

Frankly, since I installed Windows 10 in August, it has already
bluescreened on me more than windows 7 did in the entire 5-someodd
years I ran Windows 7...  It seems to be pretty stable now after a
whole bunch of updates and downgrading a video driver, but... I kinda
miss Windows 7.  There are some UI dfferences in windows 10 that I
frankly hate, and customizing things seems to have gotten harder.  Or
impossible even (at least by ordinary means). :(

OTOH, I'm not loving a lot of the Linux desktop changes either... like
ultra-thin scrollbars (and/or overlay scrollbars) that seem to be a
favorite of at least some distros now...  There's been more than one
occasion when I thought, "Jeez, I should really just install fvwm and
run startx from the console, be done with this..."

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