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[Discuss] BLU's SEO

Derek Martin wrote:
> presentation of their message.  Marketeers obvously aren't attaching
> electrodes to people's brains (at least, not as a rule), but a lot of
> marketing data gathering involves statistical analysis of surveys and
> focus group studies...  exactly like the application of those things
> in psychological studies (theoretical science).  They also apply the

If you recall, I wrote this earlier today:
>> Yes, it is. Marketing -- at least some aspects of it -- is a
>> scientific process.

This does not make marketing a science. Science is the rigorous 
application of experimentation and observation with the purpose of 
identifying and proving facts. Marketing is the process of trying to 
sell things for profit[1]. Sciences like psychology are some of the 
tools used in marketing to sell things. So are saturating the market 
with junk, capitalizing on memes and fads, and sometimes just dumb luck.

[1]Profit may be anything one considers to be of value such as 
membership numbers. It isn't necessarily money.

Rich P.

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