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[Discuss] BLU's SEO

Derek Martin wrote:
> Then medicine is not a science either... they've been relying on
> correlation since the beginning.  Ask your doctor about atypical
> presentation...

Medicine is not a science. Modern medicine is an /application/ of science.

> And in fact physics is no different, except that typically the margin
> of error can be much smaller.  This has, however, led to things being
> labeled laws of physics in the past which were later revealed to be
> wrong.  So I guess physics isn't a science either.  Drawing your
> argument out to its extreme conclusion:  There is no such thing as
> science.

Physical law has never been absolute, immutable fact. It's things in the 
universe that are accepted to be true based on empirical analysis. 
Understanding physical law is the purpose of science. Yes, this means 
rewriting parts of it when relevant discoveries are made. This doesn't 
invalidate science; it defines science.

> It isn't.  I did not say ALL academics everywhere.

"Everywhere" is inclusive.

Rich P.

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