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[Discuss] BLU's SEO

On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 04:36:23PM -0400, Richard Pieri wrote:
> Derek Martin wrote:
> That's just one of the problems with trying to define psychology and
> sociology (and marketing and management by extension) as sciences.
> If the results of an experiment are not predictable and not
> repeatable then the scientific method cannot be used to validate the
> hypothesis. If the scientific method is not applicable to the
> hypothesis then what you're doing probably isn't science.

You're missing a key qualifier: reproducable *within an acceptable
margin of error*.  All empirical data has some margin of error as our
ability to measure it is imperfect.  Generally, an increase in the
number of variables that can affect the outcome increase the margin of
error.  The human condition has many variables...  Measurement of such
phenomena is highly imperfect, and relies on statistical modeling to
establish correlation, rather than exact measurement.

> >composition of them.  The best you can do is produce a statistical
> >model; but that too is science, and this is also the science of
> I disagree. Statistics is not a science. It is a branch of mathematics.

Statistics isn't science; applying it to describe a phenomena IS.
Using this logic I could discount Newtonian physics as science,
because algebra and calculus, the math used to describe it, are not

> >marketing.  Marketing is, in essence, a branch of sociology, with
> >profit as the end goal of its application.
> If sociology is not a science (see above) then marketing cannot be a
> science.

Sociology is considered to be a science by academics everywhere; it's
a BS at every school I checked until I got bored with checking (which
admittedly did not take long).  So is marketing, for what it's worth
(BS in Business Administration, Marketing, etc.).  So a great many
people consider those to be sciences, even if you don't.  I'm going to
stick with them. ;-)

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