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[Discuss] BLU's SEO

Derek Martin wrote:
> Psychology is (in part) the science of the human personality
> (predicting human behavior based on a stimulus).  The personality is a
> variable thing; there are no laws which can apply universally to it,

That's just one of the problems with trying to define psychology and 
sociology (and marketing and management by extension) as sciences. If 
the results of an experiment are not predictable and not repeatable then 
the scientific method cannot be used to validate the hypothesis. If the 
scientific method is not applicable to the hypothesis then what you're 
doing probably isn't science.

> composition of them.  The best you can do is produce a statistical
> model; but that too is science, and this is also the science of

I disagree. Statistics is not a science. It is a branch of mathematics.

> marketing.  Marketing is, in essence, a branch of sociology, with
> profit as the end goal of its application.

If sociology is not a science (see above) then marketing cannot be a 

Rich P.

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