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hardware clock is mangled on reboot

Seth Gordon wrote:
> "James R. Van Zandt" wrote:
> > Maybe your file /etc/adjtime is goofed up.  That's the file that tells
> > hwclock (or clock) the drift rate of your clock, and when it was last
> > adjusted.
> OK, my /etc/adjtime was last modified when I rebooted about a week ago,
> and it looks like this (whitespace may not be copied accurately):
> 42022.480469 942149413 0.000000
> 942122060
> There's no manual page for adjtime, so I don't know how to interpret the
> file.

Look at the man page for hwclock(8).  Essentially, your numbers say that
your hw clock drifts by 42000 s/day (~0.5 day/day), which is almost
certainly wrong.
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