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[Discuss] BTSync

Richard Pieri wrote:
> Tom Metro wrote:
>> Also, on the proprietary side, there is a fairly new sync tool from
>> BitTorrent, .
> Worth looking into but, as you point out, proprietary.

I signed up for the beta before it was public, but as I learned more
about it, I chose not to test it out. (I thought it was going to be a
proprietary implementation of an open standard, and open source
implementations would follow.)

Steve Gibson has noted on his "Security Now" podcast that BitTorrent has
hinted that they may still open source it. Until that happens, I'm not
really interested.

> BTSync is easily twice as fast as AeroFS for initial sync over my LAN.

Good to know. Maybe it'll motivate AeroFS to improve. Nothing says that
can't incorporate the already open BitTorrent algorithm.

I wouldn't trust BTSync for situations where encryption mattered, and if
I want a sync tool to use inside my LAN for which I don't care about
encryption, then I'd still rather use something open source.


Tom Metro
The Perl Shop, Newton, MA, USA
"Predictable On-demand Perl Consulting."

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