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Could comcast be blocking port 6667 outbound?

Gordon Marx wrote:

>On 01/09/05, Mike Gorse <mgorse at> wrote:
>>Well, I spoke too soon; it quickly stopped working.  
>They're reading your email! ::tinfoil hat on::
I don't think they are; from what I've seen, Comcast simply delists 
anyone who complains, for an as-yet undetermined length of time, and 
then the block goes back into place. I suspect they've got a poorly 
designed security system in place, which has defective spam-detection 
or/and virus-detection algorithms. Alternatively, they may just have a 
script set up that removes any exceptions after a short interval.

I complained about port 25 blocking, and after I received assurances 
that the port was not blocked, it worked for a few days and then went 
dead again. Although sells smtp port-forwarding for $40/year, 
I'm just going to switch to Speakeasy and obviate the problem.

Once I get Speakeasy going, anyone with a Comcast blocking problem can 
ask me for forwarding; I'll have to work out a throttling mechanism, but 
there's no reason to put up with this kind of shadow boxing from Comcast.


E. William Horne
William Warren Consulting
Computer and Network Installation and Service
781 784-0951

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